Specialties PADI

Deep Dive. 280 €

4 DIVES “Deep Diver” will teach you to immerse at 40m using the correct rhythm for descent and ascends , the breathing techniques, the use of the diving equipment and security stops. This course has 4 dives and a theoretical part to become a true deep diver. With this PADI specialty you will be able to explore the deep blue sea safely.

Underwater navigation 170 €

3 DIVES course. Finding the way back is not a matter of luck! In this course you’ll learn navigation with a compass, natural navigation, calculating distances under water, how to mark an object under water, navigation trails…. and much more.

Night Dive 170 €

3 Dives course. Very exciting. Enjoy diving with the peace of mind and mystery that the night gives us. Even if you have done this immersion many times before, this time you´re going to a new world and you´ll see the submarine life under the light of your diving focus. You´ll learn the necessary signals to understand each other in the dark, the security measures taken for night immersion, how to be oriented in the vastness of the night and you´ll get to know the night life, completely different! Discover the “Dark Side” of diving and you´ll see how it dazzles you.