There is an unknown paradise for most of the people, just near home. A place with calmed waters, where you will enjoy unforgettable dives. Being surrounded by turtles, fly above incredible basalt formations, or getting in sinked boats, are just a few things that are waiting for you here in this Paradise near home.

Protected of the winds by the big Teide, the south of Tenerife offers ideal conditions to practise our passion during the hole year, diving in clear blue waters with great visibility, that makes the delights of all those who come.

With good temperatures during the year. Under the water we have the minimun temperatures around 18/19 degrees in Winter, and maximum around 25ºC at the end of the summer.

ll this with no thermoclines neither colder waters at greater depth. And what we like the most!! The shinny sun to illuminate our dives and get tanned on surface.