Comfortable facilites

You will have comfortable facilites, designed by and for divers. Wide spaces to prepare your equipment, changing rooms, showers and a washing and drying areas for your material.

At your disposal you will have a relaxing zone where to comment your dives, and a multimedia area to watch and download you pictures. We also offer a charging area to recharge your batteries, focus…
If you don’t have your own equipment, or what you prefer is to travel light luggage, at Sa Caleta Tenerife we have top brands material for rent, all designed for you to enjoy your unforgettable days.

Paradise near home

There is an unknown paradise for most of the people, just near home. A place with calmed waters, where you will enjoy unforgettable dives. Being surrounded by turtles, fly above incredible basalt formations, or getting in sinked boats, are just a few things that are waiting for you here in this Paradise near home.

Protected of the winds by the big Teide, the south of Tenerife offers ideal conditions to practise our passion during the hole year, diving in clear blue waters with great visibility, that makes the delights of all those who come.

With good temperatures during the year. Under the water we have the minimun temperatures around 18/19 degrees in Winter, and maximum around 25ºC at the end of the summer.

ll this with no thermoclines neither colder waters at greater depth. And what we like the most!! The shinny sun to illuminate our dives and get tanned on surface.

Diving Guides

In all of our dives from boat you’ll be accompained by at least one of our instructors that will guide and help you in everything you need during your dives. It doesn’t matter which level you have, they will be always for whatever you need.

Our instructors, with thousands of dives in their fins around the world, and lots of years of experience, will make you enjoy every dive and above all they will keep you safe.

On the boat there’s always someone who will help to equip ourselves, and get back on the boat, and also will be keep watching it while we’re under water.

Maintanence and Repair

Manitanence and RepairManitanence and Repair

Keeping up to date our diving equipment it’s very important to be able to enjoy our dives.

Whether we do them at home or if we go to paradise places lost around the world, the good functioning of our equipement will make us enjoy those places peacefully.

That’s why it’s so important to check out our regulators and jackets once a year. Even if we use them or not. If we use them often, because of the wear and if we rarely use them, to check if everything works perfectly.

At Sa Caleta Tenerife, our technician and equipement maintenance expert, Dany, will review and repair the equipment with all the care and love that it deserves.

Your new underwater family

Welcome to your new underwater family.

At Sa Caleta Tenerife you’ll discover a different concept of a diving center, where things made with passion and love for the great blue make the difference.

Not just a diving center, but a place where to enjoy and share your hobby.

Enjoy from the very first moment you enter the door of your new home, with no stress or hurries. Where any excuse is good to organize a celebration where everyone is welcome.

Authorized Centre with the Canary Islands Government

Authorized Centre with the Canary Islands Government.

There aren’t too many diving center authorized by the Canary Government, but Sa Caleta Tenerife is one of them. For that, our facilities and equipments must pass several inspections of different departments, to summarize a bit, we depend on:

  • Arona Town Hall for everything referred to our place.
  • In order to be a bottle loading station, we are subject to the Ministry of Industry.
  • Regarding our boat, qualifications, insurances etc… it depends on the Merchant Navy.
  • The transport area of the “Cabildo de Tenerife” manages everything referred to our van to be able to have the transport card necessary to carry the divers and all the equipment.
  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport grants the instructors qualifications.

All this is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, which gives the final authorization to belong to the list of Diving Centers Authorized by the Government of the Canary Islands.

Rigorous controls that guarantee the safety of our activity, which makes Sa Caleta Tenerife being proud to comply with all the requirements.